Monday, March 7, 2011

Self Care Diva

I am dedicating this blog to Awakened Empowered Women everywhere who are searching for someone or something out there to Give Them Permission to Take excellent, outstanding, exquisite, superb, sacred Care of Themselves and their lives- honoring their experiences and their values as people of value and worth on this planet.
Our culture dictates that women be the caregivers of others- and Hallelujah!! Women are so amazing and loving, so giving and tender. So many in this world need care and GOD BLESS every woman who reaches outside of herself to help or show kindness or love to another human being in any setting.
As woman, the dominant trait that is valued in this culture of ours is one of giving and servitude. I also think that people of sensitivity and compassion in general are simply drawn to give of themselves. This blog is not meant to degrade that service in any way. On the contrary I believe giving to be an absolute key element in living a life of happiness and fulfillment. Everyone should spend some hours of their day giving to anther human being or serving another in some way. Many of us- many women- are so good at giving to others and we find it so foreign an experience to give that same love and kindness, compassion, patience and care to ourselves.
The secret I am begining to unleash in my own life- that I know others out there are finding too- is that the more I am able to turn around those negative inner messages and thoughts that go on towards myself and replace them with the positive loving thoughts I KNOW to be true about myself.....the more I am able to reach in to myself as a person of value and worth- so desperate for care and acknowlegement and GIVE that care to myself- unequivically, unabashedly GIVE LOVE from a place in my heart to ME- the most amazing things are starting to happen. I am able to be so much more loving and available to others than I have ever been, but I don't loose myself the way I used to. I am able to give the unconditional love and support to others because I am beginning to have the experience of loving myself completely within and that is an experience I never would have known how to give another person before. I am feeling valued and worthy of having EVERYTHING I truly desire in my heart for my life- and my heart's desires have now become available to me, whereas before they felt locked away somewhere deep inside. I have been able to stand up for myself in situations that aren't right for me, change relationships that weren't working for me and stand up for my own respect and dignity in situations where there was disrespectful or unacceptable behavior of any kind.
I am not taking 100% full credit for all of this work. I have had a lot of support from my Higher Power everyday as well as my "support system"-That is the final part of the equation that we need to learn as women today- how to recieve the love and support we need when it does show up for us, how to ask for help and how to take in and recieve the love and support others have for us right now, today, in our lives.
This journey will span all topics of life pertaining to self-care, self-respect and self-love. I hope you'll join me. My wish is that we will find ourselves happier, more whole and so much more able to give to this world in a way that is satisfying and meanful to each of us.
Sat Nam

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